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Current Research

Brain Imaging Links Cardiovascular Health to Multitasking Ability

Adults over 60 with optimal blood pressure and high fitness levels can keep up mentally with people half their age, according to a recent brain-imaging study

Study Explores How Changes in Healthy Brain Structure Affect Cognition

Dr. Kristen Kennedy and her colleagues describe how they used a pair of imaging techniques to tie the degradation of circuitry in one region of the brain to reduced efficiency in executive functions.

Study establishes structure-function-cognition associations across the lifespan

These findings are important because traditionally these three aspects are studied separately, but only their combined study can help unravel their associations…

NIA awards $2.9 million to Wig Lab to further Alzheimer’s disease study

Dr. Gagan Wig’s Lab receives National Institute on Aging grant to further research on link between socioeconomic status and Alzheimer’s disease