We believe everyone deserves cognitive health for life.

One in every five Americans will be 65 years old or older by 2030. As this number grows, so will the number of people facing age-related cognitive impairment and diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The Center for Vital Longevity is leading the charge to address this health crisis. Our research aims to identify who is most at risk of cognitive impairment and evaluate treatments that might prevent or halt cognitive decline.

Whether you're able to give $10 or $1,000, every dollar you give helps fuel innovative research and foster the next generation of scientists, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows who embody the future of academic research, teaching, and discoveries.


Denise C. Park Research Excellence & Innovation fund

The Denise C. Park Research Excellence and Innovation Fund supports the advancement of research at the Center for Vital Longevity on the science of the aging mind and prolonging cognitive vitality for life.

Post-Doctoral fellowships

Post-doctoral fellowships bring some of the brightest talents, who have recently completed doctoral degrees, to UT Dallas to advance their training before moving on to research positions or professorships. Post-doctoral fellowships are prestigious for the recipient and provide enormous value to CVL, which benefits from their research expertise.


Student support funds provide flexibility for schools, centers, and programs to meet student needs as they arise. Funds may be used to provide support for individual students or to serve the needs of many students. Named student support funds may be endowed with a minimum gift of $25,000, or you may make a current-use gift of any amount to the CVL Student Support Fund.   

Join the club

The Director's Research Circle is an annual membership that provides exclusive opportunities to learn more about the ways we can enjoy cognitive vitality.