fNIM Lab to present latest research at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting

fNIM lab is going to Chicago later this month to attend SfN’s Neuroscience 2019 meeting. Members of our lab will be presenting research findings from a variety of topics discussing the brain – cognition relationships in younger and older adults. The topics range from subsequent memory effects at encoding, cortical reinstatement and monitoring at retrieval, to structural differences and their relationship with cognitive performance. See the full list of our poster and nanosymposium presentations below:

Nanosymposium talk:

Paul Hill:
The relationship between age, retrieval-related hippocampal activity, and cortical reinstatement

Poster Presentations:

Marianne de Chastelaine:
Hippocampal BOLD recollection effects predict longitudinal change in memory performance in healthy older adults

Erin Horne:
Differential effects of age and task load on the neural correlates of retrieval monitoring revealed by modulation of univariate fMRI BOLD amplitude and functional connectivity

Mingzhu Hou:
Mean cortical thickness predicts cognitive change in healthy aging

Eleanor Song Liu:
Age-invariant, overlapping pre- and post-stimulus subsequent memory effects in dorsal medial prefrontal cortex

Sabina Srokova:
Neural pattern similarity is moderated by age and subsequent memory in scene-selective but not face-selective cortical regions

Additionally, Marianne de Chastelaine and Paul Hill will co-chair a nanosymposium: “Medial Temporal Lobe in Learning and Memory