fNIM lab at Cognitive Neuroscience Society meeting.


The fNIM lab will be attending the 26th Annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in San Francisco, March 23-26, 2019! We will have a great representation this year which will consist of 7 posters and a symposium talk.

Our presentations:

Saad A. Alghamdi: 
The Effects of Age on Subjective and Objective Estimates of Recollection

Erin D. Horne:
The effect of a dual task manipulation on the neural correlates of recollection and post-retrieval monitoring in young and older adults

Paul F. Hill: 
Cortical reinstatement in young and older adults

Marianne DeChastelaine:
The relationships between age, fMRI correlates of familiarity and recognition memory performance: Effects of a dual task manipulation

Sabina Srokova:
Neural differentiation at encoding predicts subsequent source memory performance in young and older adults.

Eleanor Song Liu:
Successful Encoding of Item and Source Information is Predicted by Graded Neural Activity 

Mingzhu Hou:
Self-Reference Enhances Memory for Multi-Element Events Judged Likely to Happen in Young and Older Adults

Lastly, Dr. Rugg will be speaking on Tuesday, March 26th at 1:30 at the 8th Symposium session: “From knowing to re-experiencing: The semantic-episodic distinction 47 years on” The title of his talk is “Contributions of semantic memory to the recollection of unique episodes