The fNIM lab presents latest research at Dallas Aging & Cognition Conference


The fNIM Lab recently attended the 6th Biennial Dallas Aging & Cognition Conference (DACC) sponsored by the Center for Vital Longevity and UT Dallas on January 27th and 28th, 2019. This year’s conference focused on four main themes: Animal & Human models of cognitive aging, The healthy brain in transition to disease, The Social and Neural underpinnings of neurocognitive aging, and Dedifferentiation of brain structure and function with age.

Several lab members presented posters on their latest research:

Research Scientist Dr. Marianne de Chastelaine
Relationship between cortical thickness estimates, in-scanner head motion, and cognitive performance as a function of age

Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Paul Hill
Cortical reinstatement in young and older adults 

Doctoral Student Saad Alghamdi
The effects of age on subjective and objective estimates of recollection

Doctoral Student Erin Horne 
Post-retrieval monitoring effects in young and older adults under single and dual task condition. 

Former Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Joshua Koen presented a talk on Neural dedifferentiation and memory performance in younger and older adults.
Dr. Koen’s talk focused on the latest findings from our laboratory which indicate that neural selectivity for certain information, although lower in older age, can predict memory performance regardless of age.

The DACC was a great success this year and the members of our lab are looking forward to attending DACC again in two years time.

To learn more about the DACC, click here.