Science Luncheon Series


Neural Selectivity, Retrieval-Related Reinstatement, and Age-Related Memory Decline

Michael Rugg
Center for Vital Longevity

Relationships Between Functional Lateralization and Fluid Ability Across the Lifespan

Joseph Hennessee
Center for Vital Longevity

Asthma and the Brain

Sherwood Brown
UT Southwestern

From Molecule to Movement: Dissecting the Path from Dystonia Mutation to Motor Circuit Dysfunction

William Dauer
UT Southwestern

Development of the Association Cortex in Youth

Theodore Satterthwaite
University of Pennsylvania

Understanding and Promoting Social-Cognitive and Affective Aging

Natalie C. Ebner
University of Florida

Cognitive Control: From Motor Inhibition to Novel Therapeutic Intervention

Jerillyn Kent
University of Texas at Dallas

Precision Neuroimaging in Nuclear Medicine: It’s About Time

Spencer Bowen
UT Southwestern

Paranoia in Psychosis and Beyond

Amy Pinkham
University of Texas at Dallas

*In-person attendance is currently limited. Please RSVP below no later than the Thursday prior to the lecture to secure your seat. 


The Science Luncheon Series is a brown bag science talk that takes place at noon on Mondays at the CVL during the academic year. The series is an opportunity for scientists to share their work with colleagues and students and is simulcast live to the main UT Dallas campus.  

To access the archive of all CVL Science Luncheons since 2014, click here.