Science Luncheon Series


Old Brains, New Tricks: Can Environmental Enrichment Improve Our Aging Memory?

Dr. Craig Stark
University of California, Irvine

Relating Age, Brain, and Cognition: Results from the Cambridge Centre for Aging & Neuroscience (CamCAN)

Dr. Rik Henson
University of Cambridge

The Role of Right Temporoparietal Junction in Processing Social Prediction Error Across Relationship Contexts.

Dr. BoKyung Park
The University of Texas at Dallas

Proactive Versus Reactive Decision-Making Strategies in Younger and Older Adults

Dr. Darrell Worthy
Texas A&M University

Age Deficits in Neural Discriminability and its Relationship to Memory

Dr. Nancy Dennis
Penn State University

The Brain, Music, and Well-being: the BMW story

Dr. Yune Lee
The University of Texas at Dallas

How Hippocampal Memory Shapes, and is Shaped by, Attention

Dr. Mariam Aly
Columbia University


The Science Luncheon Series is a brown bag science talk that takes place at noon on Mondays at the CVL during the academic year. The series is an opportunity for scientists to share their work with colleagues and students and is simulcast live to the main UT Dallas campus.  

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