CVL scientists present at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in Chicago


Several researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas Center for Vital Longevity attended the Society for Neuroscience Conference (SfN) in Chicago Oct. 19-23, 2019.

They joined nearly 30,000 neuroscientists, clinicians and advocates from across the globe who attend the conference to share their research and discover new ideas. The conference was SfN’s 49th annual meeting and is the world’s largest conference sharing new ideas in neuroscience.

CVL attendees included:

Basak LiNC Lab

  • Chandramallika Basak, PhD, lab director
  • Paulina Skolasinka, doctoral student
  • * Dr. Shuo Qin, post-doc researcher, was a co-author of the two papers presented by Dr. Basak’s lab, but did not attend the conference.

Kennedy KNAC Lab

  • Kristen Kennedy, PhD, lab director
  • Chris Foster, PhD, post-doctoral researcher
  • Christina Webb, PhD, post-doctoral researcher

Rugg fNIM Lab

  • Michael Rugg, PhD, CVL and lab director
  • Marianne de Chastelaine, post-doctoral researcher
  • Paul Hill, PhD, post-doctoral researcher
  • Erin Horne, PhD, post-doctoral researcher
  • Mingzhu Hou, PhD, post-doctoral researcher
  • Song Liu, doctoral student
  • Sabina Srokova, doctoral student
Michael Rugg (CVL and FNIM Lab Director), Sabina Srokova (PhD Student), Erin Horne (Post-doc), Song Liu (PhD student)
Sabina Srokova (PhD student), Erin Horne (Post-doc), Christina Webb (Post-doc), Chris Foster (Post-doc)
Michael Rugg (CVL and FNIM Lab Director), Song Liu (PhD student), Preston Thakral (former FNIM Lab Post-doc), Mingzhu Hou (Post-doc)
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