The Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory

At The University of Texas at Dallas

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The Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab (CNL) is based at University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for Vital Longevity.

Under the directorship of Dr. Gagan Wig, the CNL’s research program uses a combination of structural and functional brain imaging tools (including functional MRI [fMRI], diffusion tensor imaging [DTI], and transcranial magnetic stimulation [TMS]) to understand both the organization of large-scale human brain networks and determine how these networks change over the adult-lifespan. Brain network information is also used to guide studies related to mnemonic and attentional processes, with a particular focus on understanding the sources of individual differences in memory and attention and how they may be modified by aging and disease. Brain imaging is conducted at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centers’ Advanced Imaging Research Center.

CNL Research