The Center for Vital Longevity brings together a cadre of faculty, postdoctoral scientists, graduate students, and research assistants at the forefront of understanding how and why the mind ages and what can be done to ensure long-term cognitive vitality. The center’s research and outreach efforts are further bolstered by the expertise of its affiliated faculty fellows and Advisory Council.


Michael D. Rugg

Dr. Michael Rugg

Dr. Rugg is a leading researcher in cognitive neuroscience and human memory. His research has helped improve understanding of the basic mechanisms of memory formation and retrieval, as well as how aging and injury impact memory.

Denise C. Park

Dr. Denise C. Park

An expert on the aging mind, Dr. Park has made seminal contributions to our understanding of how brain function changes as we get older, how cultural experiences shape brain activity, and how the aging brain might protect itself from structural degradation.

Our Team