The discoveries that scientists at the Center for Vital Longevity are making about the aging mind would be impossible without the community members who volunteer to participate in the center’s key research studies.

So far, more than 1000 Dallas–Fort Worth residents have participated in center research studies including the Dallas Lifespan Brain Study, which aims to identify a neural signature in middle age that can help predict who will and will not age well, as well as who may be at risk for Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear. Other studies are investigating what causes age-related memory loss and whether computer training can improve memory and attention in both young and older adults.

Note: Not all labs have studies that are currently recruiting participants. Please follow the links below to find out more about the studies for which center researchers are currently recruiting:

Rugg Lab: Functional Neuroimaging of Memory

Rodrigue Lab: Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging

Park Lab: Dallas Lifespan Brain Study

Basak Lab: Lifespan Neuroscience and Cognition

Kennedy Lab: Neuroimaging of Aging and Cognition

Wig Lab: The Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory