Karen M. Rodrigue, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Center for Vital Longevity
1600 Viceroy Drive,
Suite 800


Opportunities to work in the Rodrigue Lab

We have opportunities for motivated undergraduates and masters students who would like to volunteer in the lab. If you would like to gain research experience in Dr. Rodrigue’s laboratory, please contact krodrigue@utdallas.edu.

Research interests:

Keywords: cognitive aging, structural and functional changes with age, amyloid imaging, impact of health on brain aging, genetic influences on aging, individual differences

Dr. Rodrigue's research focuses on mapping the changes that the healthy human brain undergoes with aging and understanding how these changes affect behavior. She is specifically interested in how health factors such as hypertension in combination with genetic risk can shape the course of aging. Our lab uses a variety of tools to assess brain and cognitive aging including structural and functional MRI, beta-amyloid PET imaging and detailed cognitive and neuropsychological assessment.