Science Luncheon Series: Fall 2015

The Center for Vital Longevity's Science Luncheon Series is a program of weekly talks that brings together UT researchers and outside experts to talk about recent developments in cognitive neuroscience and aging research. All lectures will take place at 12:00 p.m. in the 8th Floor Conference Room at the Center for Vital Longevity, 1600 Viceroy Drive, Dallas, TX. Please RSVP to

Fall 2015 schedule (PDF)

  • Sep. 21, 2015 | Science Luncheon Series

    The Motor System’s Contributions to Cognition

    Cherie Marvel, Ph.D.

    Johns Hopkins University

  • Sep. 28, 2015 | Science Luncheon Series

    Navigating Human Memory: Inspiration and Divergence from Rat Models of Navigation

    Arne Ekstrom, Ph.D.

    Univ. of California, Davis

  • Oct. 05, 2015 | Science Luncheon Series

    The Role of Retrieval-Monitoring Processes in False Memory Suppression

    Benton Pierce, Ph.D.

    Texas A&M - Commerce

  • Oct. 12, 2015 | Science Luncheon Series

    Mental and Physical (MAP) Training: A Neurogenesis-inspired Intervention

    Tracey Shors, Ph.D.

    Rutgers University

  • Nov. 02, 2015 | Science Luncheon Series

    White Matter Correlates of Neural De-Differentiation Across the Adult Lifespan

    Jenny Rieck, Ph.D.

    UT Dallas - Center for Vital Longevity

  • Nov. 09, 2015 | Science Luncheon Series

    Antioxidants, Moderate Exercise and Brain Function

    Nathalie Sumien, Ph.D.

    University of North Texas

  • Nov. 16, 2015 | Science Luncheon Series

    Networking with Memory and Aging

    Roberto Cabeza, Ph.D.

    Duke University

  • Nov. 30, 2015 | Science Luncheon Series

    Your Insula on Fire: A Role of Interoceptive Inference in Decision-making

    Xiaosi Gu, Ph.D.

    UT Dallas - Center for Brain Health